Prest wick country club Prest wick country club Fri, 01 May 2020 03:48:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Wedding Fri, 01 May 2020 03:48:31 +0000 An event to remember…Prestwick Country Club is the perfect place for your dream wedding and reception.  Our outdoor ceremony site overlooks the 18th Hole on our gorgeous golf course.  

The beautiful backdrop of seasonal blooming flowers

and trees is perfect for easy and elegant wedding portraits.

The Gazebo

The Gazebo……………………….$5.00/person

~$500.00 minimum
~ Four (4) hour rental
~ Choice of linen included
~ Seats approximately 200 guests
~ Bar access
~ Dance floor
~ Projector/Screen use free of charge

Meeting Room

Meeting Room………………………..$3.00/person
~ $100.00 minimum
~ Four (4) hour rental
~ Choice of linen included
~ Seats approximately 40 guests
~ Bar access

Additional Items

Outdoor Cermony Site…………………..$100.00
Outdoor Chairs………………………$3.00/person
Chair Covers…………………………$4.00/person
Accessory Lighting………………………….$25.00

GOLF SHOP Fri, 01 May 2020 03:39:57 +0000 GOLF SHOP

Prestwick Country Club is a full service Club Repair facility providing excellent customer service and professional workmanship.  All our Services and Lessons are available to members and non-members.  For more information on costs or to set an appointment please call 317.745.6448.

Club Repair & Services

– Grip replacement
– Reshafting
– Loft/Lie adjustments
– Replace ferrule
– Custom club fittings
– Club trade-in program


1 Session (45 min)                  $45.00
6 Sessions (45 min each)       $225.00
9 Hole Playing                        $75.00
18 Hole Playing                      $100.00

Outings Fri, 01 May 2020 03:33:18 +0000 Outings

Wether you are hosting 16 players or 144, Prestwick Country Club has a package to meet your needs.  If you are hosting a charity outing our expertise will help you reach your goals.  

Standard Outing Package Includes:

– Green Fees & Cart

– Prize Fund

– Beverage Cart(s)

– Driving Range

– Computerized Scorecards & Scoreboards

– Complete Tournament Set-Up

Meals also available for an additional fee.

For a detailed quote on your specific event or to schedule a time to visit contact us:


How Golf Carts Work Wed, 18 Mar 2020 03:14:55 +0000 Golf carts are an integral part of golfing. It probably may have been seen as essential due to the long yards golfers need to cover. When you do look at it, those yards are walkable but who wants discomfort when there is a better option? Golf is one of the very few sporting events that allow players use a motor during a game. While carts are typically referred to non-mechanized transportation forms, golf carts are completely motorized. This means that they have their own gasoline engine or an electric motor.

A typical golf cart can convey two players alongside their golf bags but there are different designs of golf carts that may carry more passengers and loads. Although golf carts are used to transport players during a game, their uses reach beyond just transporting players. Naturally, you must have been wondering how they work. Follow along because we’ll be giving you everything you need to know about golf carts.

First, why do golf players even need golf carts?
You also can check a detail guide from

There’s something about walking for a long time and feeling tired. Golf carts just made playing golf more convenient. So, players don’t have to worry about being tired while playing or developing backache from carrying their golf bags around. Some players actually choose to walk during a game but the cart relieves them of the weight of their golf bags. Another related reason for golf carts is also to save time. If players have to walk every mile they play, they could easily lose interest in the game. Golf carts make the game more active.

Now, back to how golf carts work. Before we proceed, you need to know the different types of golf carts for better understanding. 

Types of Golf Carts

As we mentioned earlier, there are two types of golf carts; the gasoline engine golf carts and the electric motor. Given the different sources of power for these two types, you’re sure that they would work differently. Let’s take them one after the other, shall we?

The Gasoline Engine Golf Cart 

This type of cart works like most vehicles like cars although there is a slight difference. In cars, the engine starts running when the ignition is turned in while in gasoline engine golf carts, the engine runs immediately you set your foot on the pedal. This makes it more gas efficient, eco-friendly and quiet.

The Electric Motor Golf Carts

Most golf carts are electric because they are more efficient than the gasoline engine cart. I mean, nobody wants to deal with running out of gasoline while playing a game. The only downside to this type of golf carts is that they conserve less energy than the gasoline engine golf carts. The electric motor golf carts run on rechargeable batteries. They are typically charges by plugging them to a power outlet to charge. There however, is the new design that is more power conservative because they get recharged with solar panels. 

How the Electric Motor Carts Really Work

To truly understand the working process, you’ll have to know about the 5 components responsible for the cart working. They are;

  • The Battery Pack
  • The Cart Solenoid
  • The Cart Speed Controller 
  • The Golf Cart Throttle
  • The Golf Cart Motor

The Battery Pack

In the electric motor golf cart, the batteries are responsible for providing the energy. This works by transforming chemical energy to electrical energy. Different batteries use different reactors but they work quite similarly by reacting acids and metals to create electrical energy. When the reaction is already balanced, the battery will be discharged and recharging it would recreate the conditions for the reaction to continue. Eventually, the battery would wear because the chemical reaction would be less because of salvation. At this point, you would need to replace your golf carts battery. 

The Cart Solenoid

The electrical energy from the batter’s chemical reaction is then transferred to the cart motor. The solenoid and speed controllers are placed to regulate the electrical energy coming from the battery. The solenoid acts like a switch that controls electric circuits. When you hit your accelerator, the solenoid activated a circuit that directs electric power to the motor. What the solenoid does is to cut and connect electric current to the motor. It does not control the amount that gets to the motor after the circuit is activated.

The Cart Speed Controller

After the solenoid releases the electric energy to the motors, the speed controllers is then responsible for regulating the amount that gets to the motor. The electric golf carts were designed with different speed control systems that drop voltage using electric resistance. This is because it is made with a variable resistor that consumes varying amounts of electrical energy based on your input. With this, when you push down your pedal, the cart goes on full speed and when you release it, less energy goes to the motor.

The Golf Cart Throttle

Unlike in the gasoline carts, the electric cart throttle is like an inductive sensor. When you push down your pedal, a rod goes through the sensor coil  which then translates to the speed controllers how much voltage to consume. This means that the further you push your accelerator, the more voltage is transmitted to your motor.

The Golf Cart Motor

The amount of voltage that gets to the motor determines how much speed the cart would move with. Most golf carts make use of the DC motor. The DC motor is made with three parts: a stator, rotor and a commutator. The stator is stationary and provides the electromagnetic field that moves the motor. The rotor is a copper-wired rod that moves as a reaction to the forces created by the stator. The commutator is then responsible for transforming this energy to mechanical energy causing the cart to move.

Well, now that you have a full idea of how your golf cart works, it wouldn’t be so hard to understand the control and know how well to run a maintenance. 

Weddings and Receptions Mon, 09 Mar 2020 07:22:51 +0000

Prestwick Country Club is excited to entertain you and your guests for your Wedding Ceremony and Reception.  We pride ourselves in making your Wedding day one you will never forget.  Our scenic outdoor ceremony site is perched above the beautiful 18th green.  After the ceremony the indoor Gazebo reception area can seat up to 240 of your guests.

Prestwick Country Club provides all of your catering needs with a variety of menu and beverage options.  We are happy to provide you with recommended event partners to complete your wedding needs.  See our preferred event partners list below.


Preferred Event Partners

Banquet FAQ’s

Please contact our Events Specialist, Spencer Allen at 317-745-6448 or

Tell us what you’re looking for in the way of a date, time, number of attendees, and type of event